CRIS parser

This project was again an internal project where i did text parsing, outlook automation resulting in multiple man hours saving on a daily basis.

Iteration 1

In this iteration CRIS Parser was Web Based Text parser used for parsing text files. The main functions of this program is listed below.

  • Parsing the Mail
  • Decision making on the basis of keywords.
  • Information Representatin in easily readable format
  • Intutive interface to provide quick access to all the information

Technologies used : PHP (Parsing Logic and Decision making), JQuery-Facebox (Presentation UI)

Iteration 2

This is where we started a lot of code integration and ultimately our project had following capabilities.

  • Read Email from a selected shared folder
  • Parse email based on content and make an informed decision of its usefulness
  • Based on decision transfer email to proper location (Input, Output, Modification).
  • Adjust the subject line of the email to reflect the keywords inside email and also display the specified Due Dates on the subject itself.
  • Create a text backup of all emails on a local machine.
  • Create / append a log file keeping details of how many messages processed, valid, invalid marked.

Technology Used : Microsoft VBA Macro.

I will soon be adding some screenshots for the same.