OMS is Java EE based order cum project management system. Useful for management of client orders done by designers, issues along with their resolution. It is capable of generating hundreds of reports for management team. Also useful for planning and scheduling of project.


Technology wise it is developed using the Java EE architecture and specifically MVC Framework. It uses Java Beans as Model, JSP, EL, JSTL as View and Servlets asController. MySQL database is used as back-end and Apache Tomcat as Web Server. It has exciting features of WEB 2.0 like Ajax and JQuery.

User Access

OMS has different user accesses such as Normal User, Team Lead, Manager, Quality Team. Single Login Page handles the different user access of different teams. The Snap shots are given below.

This is OMS Login Page. To know about the working of login page i.e. how it manages different user access click here.This is the home page of user who has both User andAdmin Access. He can choose to login as any one of accesses, he can also swith between access after logging in.
This is Normal User Home Page. The user can manage only his orders, issues and registers.This is Team Lead Home Page. The team lead can manage all team members of his team and their orders, issues and registers. Also he can generate reports for analysis.
This is Managers Home Page. He can view Dashboard, generate reports, manage records, do graphical analysis and much more.


1. Graphical Reports

OMS is capable of generating graphical reports, it can generate interactive graphs based on user query. OMS supports almost all kind of graphs such as pie graph, bar graph, line graph etc. Some snaps are shown below.

This report is available to all the normal users to monitor their standing in Team. They can click on different section of pie graph to generate collaborated report.This report is available to Managers for comparing the Offshore Issues with Onshore Issues and that too among different teams. The tabular format is available just below the graphs which shows actual figures.
This report is also available to Managers for comparing the targetted order count and acieved order count.This report is available to Quality Team for generating the Pareto Analysis Graph of diiferent teams for different months.

2. Record Filtering

Record filtering is Excel’s powerful feature which allows user to filter the data as per their requirements. But this is not the limitation for OMS. OMS is also capable of filtering the records. As shown in the snap below user can put different filters as per his / her requirements and click enter, the filtered data will be available for analysis.

User Order Filter – Access available to all the users for filtering the orders as per their requirements.User Issue Filter – Access available to Team Leads and Managers for filtering the issues as per their requirements.

3. Excel Generator

Users can generate Excel sheets for further analysis and complex reports using OMS. OMS provides user friendly interface to its users through which the users can generate excel sheets for their specified inputs as shown below.

Order Excel Generator – Access available to Team Leaders for generating Excel Report of User Orders.Issues Excel Generator – Access available to Managers for generating Excel Report of User Issues.

4. Color Themes

OMS does not have boring Look and Feel as compared to other management tools. It has different color themes which can be changed by users as per their choice. Currently OMS has four different themes apart from default (Maroon Color) theme. These are shown below.

OMS BlueOMS Violet
OMS BlackOMS Green

5. Inline Editing

To save user’s time and to improve OMS performance I have used Inline Editing Concept in some part of this project. It is basci Javascript and AJAX based concept allows the user to edit the text in line without submitting the page to server. The snaps are shown below.

Single Cell Inline EditingMultiple cells Inline Editing

Note : This project was a combined work of Anant Shrivastava and Basit Azeem Sheikh