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Android Tamer

ClubHack 2011



Android is emerging as a leading mobile brand however, with rise of any system also rises the misuse, and so we need a security tool to keep a check on stuff.
This presentation will look at the available toolset for security professionals and will introduce some new combinations in a consolidated form of a VM environment. This will be a one stop tool required to perform any kind of operations on Android devices / applications / network, be it forensic evaluation or source code review or software security testing or customizing ROM with pre embedded stuff. everything is provided in a single package. More usages will include malware analysis along with review check of new applications inside a controlled environment. Environment will be bundled with eclipse, droiddraw, gingerbread source code. And most of the well known security tools in one single package. You can call it swiss army knife for android security.



Part 1

Part 2