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HaxDroid : Empowering Android Handset

Nullcon 2012


Talk: HaxDroid : Empowering Android Handset


As already proven by the recent trends the next wave will be the mobile computing wave and so will be the shift of platform for penetration testing. Although android is targeted as next generation computing platform it still lacks the capability to perform VA / PT / ethical hacking on it. If we look at the android market we find it lacking in lots of terms, not much of a tool set available and not much of documentation availability online too. This paper will discuss various options that are available for converting an innocent android handset to a penetration testing platform. This paper will evaluate the current scenario and also present with various options that are available for people. Not just about existing tool set, we will also be exploring ways and means to explore and exploit the android platform to the limits. Along with Resarch paper we will also be publishing a customized android ROM which is a direct attack platform. which will have advance feature set preconfigured and ready to use saving large efforts of security researchers.