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Security Issues in Android Custom ROM’s

c0c0n 2011


Talk: Security Issues in Android Custom ROM’s


Android is one of the fastest growing mobile operating system from google has caught large amount of developer attention due to its open nature. We see large amount of community developers working on Custom aftermarket ROM’s and various stats suggest people using the stock OS is far less then the custom ROM users. Some of the Major Custom ROM makers Include Cyanogen and MIUI. This talk will focus on generic approaches taken by custom rom developers and number of security issues arising due to this. Along with ways and means to make sure the user remains secured. we will also be launching a custom application checking all these settings and suggesting action you need to take to get back to secure state.



This paper attempts to look behind the wheels of android and keeping special focus on custom rom’s and basically check for security misconfiguration’s which could yield to device compromise, which may result in malware infection or data theft.